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Thank you for your interest in participating in research! The SP15 research pools are now closed! Instructors will be given reports with credit totals by the end of the week.

A Sona-Systems App is now available for SmartPhones! Search for Sona Mobile in the app store and enter when prompted to provide the url.

I studies currently available : none

G studies currently available: none

PSYC101 students must login to their "I" account to access studies that count toward the Research Requirement. USERNAME is the same as your network username + -i (e.g., ibstudent-i). PASSWORD=SMCM Student ID#

PSYC101 students must log in to their"G" account to access studies that count towards extra credit. USERNAME is the same as your network username + -g (e.g., ibstudent-g). PASSWORD= SMCM Student ID#

All other students in psyc courses offering extra credit: You will be pre-enrolled after the drop/add period. USERNAME is the same as your network username (e.g., ibstudent) and PASSWORD is your SMCM student ID#. Please note your G-code for SP15 is different from what it was in previous semesters.

If these log-ins do not work for you, contact Angie Draheim ASAP!

Not in a course offering extra credit, but still want to participate? Just click on survey links that are provided in students' recruitment e-mails and, if desired, enter the AY14-15 Psyc Research Data Collection raffle for 1 of 10 $50 prizes! The more studies you complete, the more likely you are to win!

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